Photo Zine VII.

12.00 - 20.00

Zine nr. 7
On 52 pages this zine contains fragments, objects, intimations & invitations. Limbs of humans merge with those of plants and meet skeletons of words that may or may not be actual words or rather an amalgamation of finger choreography - half drawing, half writing.

It is a fragmentary documentation of dream-recordings, presented through a selection of images from the past months that have all been made via alternative techniques: from antho- to cyanotypes, chemigrams, compost- and lumen prints.

A5 size and hand numbered, printed on 90g recycled paper.
Limited to 38 copies.

1€ of each sold copy will be donated again - this time to Ocean Care, an environmental organisation protecting marine wildlife.


Sliding scale price system – you choose the option that fits your budget.