Photobook 'werden'

36.00 - 45.00

24x28 cm, offset printing. 220 colour pages on 130g mat Arctic Paper. Cover is on 300g thick Ensocoat SBS board, mat coated. Limited Edition of 500 copies.

" 'werden' is Kristina Feldhammer's latest book of analog photography. It comprises a selection of self portraits created and hand printed in the darkroom, between 2015 and 2020. Along with this collection of darkroom works, the book also contains previously unreleased sketches, a foreword by Jonathan Berman as well as an artist bio by Isabel Biederleitner.

The Self in motion, in transformation, a state of emerging, of ceasing. A state of becoming. The German word ‘werden’ describes this constant state of transformation and captures the essence of something that is about to become. By contrast, a photograph can only ever show us what has been. It is fixed, motionless. And so this collection of photographic self portraits is also a collection of perpetual Becomings forever frozen in time."

Publish Date: December 21 2021


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