Photobook 'werden'


24x28 cm, offset printing. 220 colour pages on 130g mat Arctic Paper. Cover is on 300g thick Ensocoat SBS board, mat coated. Limited Edition of 500 copies.

"Werden" is Kristina Feldhammer's (aka Krist Mort) latest book of analog photography. It comprises a careful curation of self portraits created, and hand printed in the darkroom, between 2015 and 2020 in Austria. Along with this collection of darkroom works, the book also contains previously unreleased sketches, a foreword by Jonathan Berman as well as an artist bio by Isabel Biederleitner.

The Self in motion, in transformation, a state of emerging, of ceasing. A state of becoming; something, and nothing. The German word ‘werden’ describes this constant state of transformation and captures the essence of something that is about to become. By contrast, a photograph can only ever show us what has been. It is fixed, motionless. And so this collection of photographic self portraits is also a collection of perpetual Becomings forever frozen in time.

Publish Date: December 21 2021